DynoJet 150 Motorcycle Dyno


Older, but working dynamometer manufactured by DynoJet. It's a 150 inertia model. Was in a shop that closed down. I'm selling this for a friend. It is being sold AS IS, WHERE IS.  The person who owns it is the original owner and dyno has always been indoors in a shop. Everything was in working order when it was last used, but it has been sitting for some years.

NOTE: Upon contacting Dynojet someone there was happy to tell me how this was on eBay and the dyno was outside in the rain and it was $4000 to upgrade all the boards and software.  NONE OF THAT WAS TRUE. This dyno has always been inside and has only been owned by 1 person. There should really be no reason to upgrade the boards or software.

Aside from being a useful tuning tool, it's a good money maker for just Dynoing customer bikes so they can see what they have for power.

There are many other uses for this dyno. It's great to just throw a bike up there and shift it through the gears for sales videos of used bikes, it's fantastic for all kinds of troubleshooting that would be next to impossible if you had to ride the bike on the street. Things like oil leaks, weird noises, troubleshooting fuel injection problems etc...

Understandably a purchase like this isn't just hit a pay button and wait for it to come in the mail. E Mail me and we can set something up. I'm happy to answer questions and do what I can for SERIOUS BUYERS. Tire kickers will be kicked to the curb.