Large Wood Stove – SOLD!!


Nice large solid wood stove for sale. Heavy gauge steel, used to be a water tank. Solid. No holes other than what needs to be there. Always used with a layer of brick on the bottom. Door has big opening at 13" high x 12" across. There is a welded on lip around door opening, not just a hole cut in it. Nice latch / handle and has air opening in bottom center of door. Exit is made for 6" stove pipe to slip over. Also has lifting lug welded on top for easy handling. Great as a wood stove, but also good for use outside in backyard or on patio. Design of door allows for it to be easily removed and replaced. Just sanded and painted with rust-oleum 1200 degree paint.

Price is firm at $250 cash pick up in Denton. Have cherry picker and will load in back of your pickup truck for you. Contact me with form below. Thank You.